Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Writing Assignment

Prompt 2.)  Describe a woman who inspired YOU. 

Granny Giggles

My step mother was also one of my very best friends. We were friends long before my dad met her...I always told her she was my real mom so she needed to meet and marry my dad so we could be a family.

She was quite a bit older than me, but I've always gotten along with people of all ages and I loved her so much. We could talk for hours and enjoyed each others company. We just knew we had known each other before we were Heaven.

When she finally met my was love at first sight for her. He figured out that she was my mom and how cool and wonderful she was and they eventually married and had a glorious life together up until she took ill and passed away years ago.

Her influence over me was grand. She treated everyone as if they were the most important person in the world. When I was with her I felt like I was her only child...though she had seven of her own children. She loved Little Indy as much as her blood related grandchildren and I really appreciated that.

From her I've learned to love everyone with an unconditional love. I don't think I will ever come close to her caliber of love...but I try my best.

I loved her sense of humor, her silly songs she made up, the way every baby or child in a room gravitated toward her and I loved her cooking.

She played the organ for church sacrament meeting for many much that she began to make up her own words to the hymns. 

She was a family history director and helped so many people with their genealogy and inspired me to finish mine...which I am still working on!

I've gleaned so much from her...

If I ever have dentures like her...I will also poke them out with my tongue at people who love me. NOT!

Little Indy has a deep love for her and has also taken away a few of her traits to pass onto her little girls. She has so many precious memories of camping and going to granny's house to be thoroughly entertained and fed.

Granny Giggles
Cloud 9 and 3/4

Dear Granny Giggles...we love and miss you dearly and we know you are dancing and singing silly songs in Heaven...we hope you can see how much you gave us while we knew you here on earth. My granddaughters know you from videos and they will recognize you when we are reunited someday.

Dad has never been the same after losing you...his very best girl. He keeps you close to his heart and keeps telling me he is ready to see you whenever God sees fit for him to travel. I told him to be patient, we may not be finished with him here. He hasn't smiled like he did with you...

I sure hope you have your teeth back because that really creeped me out o.O

Happy Birthday tomorrow...

Love and hugs...

Lindy and the fam

Mama's Losin' It


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