Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Confessions

I'm a Gleek. I started watching Glee with Madley last year and we didn't quite get it at first because we didn't watch from the beginning. Then we decided to give it another shot and we watched the re-runs from the beginning and...we fell for it hook line and sinker. It has great sound quality. Madley is an audiophile geek. We listen to Glee...loud.

It's not a show for kids...even though it's about kids. The actors that play the kids are like when 90210 was on. They were all 25. I looked 12 when I was 25.

For some reason, I identify with Glee. Could it be that I was in drama club and not a cheerleader in high school?

I also took ballet and dance classes.

Football players thought I was something to push out of the way on their way to class. I thought they were brainless wonders with big necks.

We didn't have a glee club but we did have drama club and I loved it. I was shy and really liked dressing up in costume so I didn't have to be myself.

In my thespian years I played...

Dracula's wife in "Dracula"
A milk maid in "No, No, a Million Times No!" (Run to the round house Nellie, he can't corner you there!)
A call girl in " No Sex Please, We're British" (yes, yes I did)
A hippie extra in "Hair"
An ugly step-sister in "Cinderella" (*spoiler alert*...the shoe fits)

And a few other bit parts I can't remember right now.

If there had been a glee club when I was in high school...I would have tried out.

...and I would have fit in.

I'm a gleek for sure.

I would have had slurpees thrown in my face if the football team knew it was an option.

But my friends were true and honest and good.

Now...I am a camera/photography geek. A Ceek? Phreak?


...and I don't regret a thing. ( least anything I'll admit)

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