Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey! It's OK Wednesday

It's okay...

I love my big bowl that was my mother's. Many a dough has been mixed in this behemoth for many a year. make a ton of PW cinnamon rolls and take them to a pot luck and only eat a half of one to ensure they are divine...they were! Recipe for them here.

Photo by Ree Drummond then open up Pioneer Woman's blog and see she has this recipe and now I have to make these. Chocolate Chip Sweet Rolls. tell you that my tummy has hurt ever since I went to said pot luck where I broke my own cardinal rule and ate something from someone I don't know and now I am paying for it.

Remind me next time to follow my rule to a T. Anything that color should have been a warning to steer clear...even if the person who made it is standing next to me telling me it's's not okay. I've never seen her kitchen. It could be germ infested and Freddy Krueger scary.

On a lighter note...'s okay to make a big splash in the world while learning something new.

Swimming lessons are going very well, thank you very much.
I'm going to take an antacid and have a lie down before homeschool starts.

*burp* sorry.


  1. I love using my mom's old bowl for mixing up such yummy goodness! That cinamon roll looks divine!!! Thank you for your sweet comments - I think I'm back on the blog writing (and commenting) bandwagon. Too much going on these past few weeks for anything more. Have a great day!!

  2. Rene~ I'll be glad to read your blog again...I've missed your posts. I hope you are doing better. Hugs girl!

    Big bowls are the best! I hope it never breaks.


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