About Me

Lindy Lu Hu

I'm a fifty something, hippie at heart, photographer/wanna be writer.

I love and adore my husband of 32 years, Madley, and he adores me back. I am also a mother to one incredible daughter, grandmother to her sweet, beautiful twin girls.

I am a Home Cook Extraordinaire and home-school teacher to my granddaughters.

I used to be great friends with my horses, and they are no longer a part of my life...horses will always hold a dear place in my heart. I hope to find a miniature horse and a cart someday to haul me around.

I enjoy church, family, friends, photography, scripture study, reading, cooking, baking, eating, blogging, writing, naps, music, movies, horses, the ocean and getting caught in the rain.

I live in the Pacific Northwest where I get my regular fix for rain, cloudy days and lush, green beauty.

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