Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Monday

I just can' stick to a meal plan but I do plan on cooking this week...let's just see what I cook and I'll post any recipes or reviews or links I can. K?

This morning I am making Chicken Salad so when the house gets hot around dinner time...I won't have to cook. Croissants, tomatoes, red onions, and fresh baby spinach with ice cold watermelon chunks on the side. Did I just say chunks? Not very appetizing. Squares? Pieces? Cut up with no rind? Whatevs. Yummy. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

We're going up to the falls this afternoon to hike around and stay cool and then we'll come home to this already prepared meal and eat it in the cold shower.

Today is supposed to be hotter than yesterday but not by much. Then tomorrow will be hot, but not as hot. Wednesday is supposed to be significantly cooler and downright cold and rainy by the weeks end. Now your talkin'! MY weather. Cool and cloudy. No bright orb to suck my will to live. If you love the sun then please, come and take my share.

Sun makes me crazy. It makes me sleepy and grumpy and not want to go outside. What's wrong with me? Nothing. It's just how I'm wired. I have dear friends who are wired just like me...Little Indy and The Pickle are.

Madley and Juniper aren't...though Madley has started to "see the light" this summer. He has been working in the yard for a few weeks and when it's overcast all day until dinner time when it burns off...he sees why I love it up here. He curses the sun right now :) "Curse you bright orb!".

Now... the sun has been blazing all day for a week and I think by next summer, he will be re-wired and happy to live here with me in paradise. Green, lush paradise. God's country.

Tell me about your manic Monday...are you cool? Are you hot? Are you a sun worshiper or a vampire like me?

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  1. I love the sun, just not the heat that goes along with it in Miami. This week I made two dishes early in the day that were served cold. Perfect for the heat.


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