Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Reflections- It's HOT!

Why we have sun...

Living in the Pacific Northwest has it's benefits. For one, it's rarely hot.

But we're in one of those rare heatwaves this past couple of days and I am ready to move to Alaska.

I don't tolerate the makes me cranky. I'm not a sun worshiper so for me, that bright orb in the sky needs to serve it's purpose of keeping me from freezing on the spot and get back behind some clouds soon or I will start to cry for my mommy.

We don't have AC. Could you tell?

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the worst of it and Tuesday we will start heading back to reasonable weather in the mid 70's...
95 - 100 degrees is not my idea of living up here. I could have stayed in CA for this.

Thankfully it cools down very nicely to 59 degrees at night and we get a respite.  I remember Arizona only getting down to 100 degrees some nights. AC is not an option there, you either have it or you die.'s a dry heat!

We have our hot day rituals...we open everything up at 5am and then around 9-10am we close it up and close the blinds and turn on the fans. It keeps it nice and cool until around 6pm when the sun bears down and tries to cook us in a steamy hot pot...then around 8-9pm we open everything back up and pray for a breeze. Two more nights of this and we will be done with the heat for the least that's what I am telling myself.

Fall is just around the favorite time of year.

This sounds like a rant instead of reflections doesn't it? I had to get it off my chest.

In good news, Madley has been fixing a lot of things around the house. This makes me very happy.

Little Indy goes back to school a week from tomorrow and that means...Nana home-school starts! I have a week to finish my 2nd grade lesson plans! I'm excited. We're going to pick up our curriculum next week and organize the home-school room.

One of my dreams has been to be a teacher. I went to college, but only to be a preschool teacher which I was for many years, and this home-schooling is so much more flexible...

So "In my pajamas on the couch teaching history." flexible.
So "I'm going for a pedicure while you teach math, Madley!" flexible.
So "Let's take our sketch pads to the park and draw birds, flowers, trees, and bugs." flexible.
So "Let's go see a movie in the middle of a school day!" flexible.
So "Thanks for scratching my back while I read to you." flexible.
So "Field trip to the mall!!!" flexible. (Hey, the library is in the cool is that?)
So "Olive Garden for soup and salad lunch!" flexible.
So "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the USA." flexible.
So "Morning prayer and blessings on our lunch." flexible.

I rest my case Your Honor.

Next week we're also going to the zoo and some waterfalls we haven't seen yet.

Well dear reader, I'll be going to church soon... where I'll be cold and wearing my sweater in the AC and wishing I could bring it home with me for the evening heat where I'll be in my swim suit playing in the sprinklers with my granddaughters.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I love reading your blog Lindy!!! I remember one summer taking care of my grandma in Seattle and I had to carry her down to the basement so we could get somewhat cooler. You are lucky it only gets hot for a few days there. I am dying in this Utah heat. We are paying way to much for A/C but I am pregnant so my hubby is being nice and letting me keep it at a lovely 68. Good luck teaching your girls!!! Sounds like too much fun:)


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