Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PW Macaroni and Cheese

I love mac and cheese from scratch. It's so easy I don't know why anyone ever makes the boxed kind...oh yeah...I do make the boxed kind once in a while. But I ask myself...Why?

I'll tell you why. My granddaughters don't like mac and cheese unless it comes from a box. Can you believe it? I do buy the Trader Joe's brand...I can't handle the other, more famous brand...yuck. IMHO.

I even used fusilli (we call them silly) noodles to try to entice the twins. Nope. It's 4 billion times better than the boxed kind! Nope. One little bite... and they shoved it across the table at me. "We want a quesadilla!" Fine. Go make it yourself. But you aren't allowed to use the stove and you can't reach the microwave.

But this is mac and cheese with BACON in it! Oh yes. It is truly a work of food art. 

Madley said it was the best mac and cheese I've ever made. What ever did I do before I met you, Ree? 

He's packing up and heading out to your house tonight. I keep telling him I can make more mac and cheese with bacon. He says he just wants to thank you personally. Make sure he has his teddy bear and his lucky pj's when he goes nite nite...and then send him home in the morning. He has to teach math to the twins tomorrow.

I also made a nice chopped salad to go along with the PW Mac and Cheese and it was a great meal for this cold day. Yes...here in the Pacific Northwest...it was only 59 degrees and rainy with thunder storms. I was in heaven.

Good night...I am going to drink my hot cocoa...in the middle of June baby!

Remind me when it's August and 100 degrees here for all of 3 days and I have no AC because it's never hot here... that I won't melt...and to put down the hot cocoa and grab some ice water. I get confused easily.


  1. Sorry but I LOVE boxed mac and cheese. Even better than homemade. I know it's crazy, but it's true! When I make my grandaughter boxed mac and cheese (it is organic) I am so excited when there is a bit left for me!

  2. Your granddaughters must be re-educated on good food! The only kind of mac and cheese I DON'T like is the kind in a box!

  3. M~ That's just because you invented boxed mac and cheese ;)

  4. Renee~ I have one twin who loves almost everything I cook and the other is picky snickety. But neither one of them will eat the homemade M&C. I at least got them used to the organic, no additives boxed version.


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