Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Ree, Please let me come stay at your lodge...

I sooooo want to go visit Ree and stay at her Guest House AKA The Lodge... I and about a million other people would love nothing more :)

I truly hope to someday be invited. I dream of spending a few days there...I want to go on a morning ride. Cook with Ree. Take lots of pictures. Eat dinner and supper and breakfast with Ree. Meet her family. Sleep in the lodge. Pet Charlie. Read to her kids.

I've entered her Lodge Contests...I haven't won yet. Obviously.

I won't die if I never get to, but it would make my time cooking all of her cookbook recipes just a little more fun. Okay...a LOT more fun!

So my plea to Ree... heh heh, I rhymed...

Me: "Please Ree, when I finish cooking or making all the delicious recipes in your beautiful cookbook...could you invite me to come and stay at the ranch?"

Ree: "Who the heck are you?"

It's only a dream. But what a great dream...

I'll go cry myself to sleep now.


  1. WW~ :) I don't think she knows I exist...but that's okay! Thank you!


Let me know you were here!

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