Friday, May 7, 2010

You Decide What I Make Next...and Happy Birthday Dad!

 Today is my dad's birthday. It's not quite his one hundred and eleventieth birthday but it is his eighty first birthday. His feet look okay to hobbit feet.

 My dad lives with us. We never see him. He goes to the gym and senior center every day but Sunday. He goes out to lunch every day but Sunday. We do see him at church and Sunday dinner. What a snob, huh? Elderly people start eating lunch for supper at noon and go to bed at 5pm. He's missing most of my PW recipes. AND he couldn't care less. But when he does get to taste one he says "Thanks Honey, it was good". GOOD? I want him to say it was the bestest food he's ever tasted in this whole wide world and he can never eat other food because it spoiled him. But he likes Denny's better. I can tell.
 Remember that Friends episode where Ross points to his forehead and says "Unagi" like he's psychic or something?  My dad and I have "Unagi". But mostly when we lived in different states and one of us would call the other...the call-ee would  ALWAYS say "I was just thinking about calling you!". Now we never see him even though his bedroom is right down the hall. He's too busy. Or asleep.

 We're taking him out to lunch today...well...we will meet him somewhere since he won't be here. He will be at the gym working out. I'm not sure which restaurant he'll pick. I guess I should ask him, huh?

 When I was young and living in Phoenix, Arizona my dad worked out of town during the week and on the weekends he was home. Saturday mornings we would go horseback riding. Every Saturday morning. I took 3 lessons and told the instructor I was ready to do it on my own...and I was. I took off on that noble steed and never looked back. I thank my dad today for giving me the opportunity to be around what I think are God's greatest most beautiful beasts on the earth.

 I was attached to a horse by the breeches for many years and I knew every inch of my horse. I can still feel the soft muzzle cupped in my hands with the whiskers tickling my face and the course tail running through my fingers as I combed out every knot. I can feel every contour of the massive torso in my mind. I can also smell the stank of the gross moldy gook that came out of his feet while I cleaned them. I loved my horses. I truly miss that daily fix.

I am trying to decide what to make from The Pioneer Woman Cooks and I have narrowed it down to 3 for this weekend. I need to go shopping for the ingredients...sooo

So what do YOU think I should make next?

Perfect chili?
Perfect simple enchiladas?
or Penna Alla Betsy?

You decide.

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  1. I say Pene Ala Betsy, never had it and it sounds interesting!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! And I say Penna a la Betsy!

  3. With all 3 of you responding and 2 for Penne ALLA that's what it will be :) mmmm...shrimp.


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