Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Day With the Photo Club

 One of my photo club friends...and model for a moment...she is gorgeous!

We met up at Little Indy's college early this morning. We should have made it about 2 hours earlier for better light. We hiked up a bit to see the mountain and get some landscape shots. I took a few photos but after telling everyone else how to set their cameras...I forgot to set mine right. Plus I need to clean my sensor...too many spots at that wide angle. So I need to return and take some secret better shots to impress everyone. I'll get right on that...yawn, stretch.

Anyway...I love to teach. I hope someone learned something. I hope they keep coming back and learn more. I hope they all got some good shots. I hope I didn't get any deer ticks.

 What else would I take pictures of in a parking lot?

I don't use technical terms much when I teach. I don't want to sound like a know it all. But maybe I  should so I don't instead sound like a babbling saying "That doohickey right there will make yer picture brighter" ...or "What is the word I'm looking black and white pictures you me here somebody...oh yeah! Contrast! That's the ticket!" I'm sure I instill so much confidence when I have a brain fart...or 20.

 Our token guy in our group. He is a good sport hanging out with us women folk.

...and my lame picture of the beautiful flag.

Good news...Monday I am picking these up when they come off the truck...I. am. so. excited. I wish I had them for the Penne Alla Betsy I am cooking for my review tomorrow!


  1. Tell me if you like this set. There were mixed reviews online so I'm curious. My new set of pots and pans will have to wait ... we went to the dentist this week and SJ had two cavities, or just enough to equal the cost of the set I wanted. Oh well. Maybe for my birthday. :)

  2. I will let you know...I won't give up my Emeril cookware...I just needed some non-stick. I hear these are smaller than some thought they would be but I don't need huge and I'm okay using EVOO or cooking spray. Sorry you can't get any yet :(


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