Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo a Day vs. Photo-Most-Days

 An actual photo a day from earlier this year. This is what I'm saying. Read on.

I have stopped and started my photo-a-day project at least 5 times. I get really into it and then I just forget one day and then I have to start all over according to the rules. But whose rule is it anyway? Did I vote for you? Are you "King of the World"? I don't know why I have to stop as long as I take a picture MOST days. Right? Am I right? Well, am I?. Yes I am. I am Queen of the blog and I say I can.

Stop laughing at hurts me, really. I am crying real salty tears and licking them off of my cheeks as they run down.

I. Love. MY. Camera. I like to take pictures. I LIKE IT! I like pizza too...oh and chocolate chip cookies and California rolls...mmm...sushi. I just don't want to take pictures of my cat. It's not even a real cat. It's fake. You can tell, right? I want pictures I would look at again and again and enjoy. I don't enjoy this picture. I can look up any time I want and see that cat right in front of me...ooh...I looked at it and it's up on the shelf...mocking me as we speak.  

Tap tap still there? Oh. I thought you left. 

So I think I will post some great Photos-Most-Days and live with it if it becomes 11:59 and I forget I own a nice camera and my toes are not in any shape to have their picture taken from the comfy warm bed where they are already snuggled up to Madley. And I won't guilt myself into it either. UNLIKE some people I know. You know who you are. I have a life. I am not out to set any records. Even though I am secretly jealous of people that can hang on by a thread and get that photo in and with minutes to spare, I will not conform or be assimilated back into the world of photo-a-day. It makes my eye twitchy. My eye stopped twitching about 3 minutes after midnight one night when I realized I hadn't taken a photo and I slept like a baby...that was my LAST photo-a-day.

Speaking of Twitch...did you hear he is going to be on So You Think You Can Dance this season as a dance partner or some such thing-a-ma-bob? I puffy heart Twitch and his silly big glasses.

Anyway...I will post pictures when I feel like it so nanny nanny nincompoop.

I took no photos today and I can go to bed without a picture of my un-pedicured toes and my eye will stay un-twitchy. Sorry Twitch...I wasn't talking about you.

I hope I've reminded someone they still haven't taken their photo-a-day and they are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to find their camera and then taking a picture of their stinky feet. (Please, for the the love of all things holy, get a pedicure). My work here will be worth THAT picture :)

Good Night and don't let the bed bugs bite.


  1. What a great stream of consciousness, Lindy Lou! Aaaaaaaaand . . . you gave me an earworm, ya did: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." :D

    Who (or what) the heck is Twitch?

  2. He was a top four contestant on So You Think You Can Dance a couple of years ago. :)


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