Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love Story? Part 4

Part 4-How Madley got his nickname.

The picnic was fun. The smell of barbecue was in the air, there was a dunking booth and lots of games for the kids...and kids at heart. It was loud and laughter was everywhere. Screaming children and talking adults... loud...really loud... and Brad and I were so newly in deep like that we were in the middle of this big loud crowd of loud... but so totally focused on our tender fresh feelings. 

Just him reaching out and taking my hand in his sent my heart racing like a Kentucky Grand Champion horse. Every so often he would give me a little soft kiss that sent an electric shock through my whole being. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. 

You see, I had been married once before. A bad marriage. Little Indy (nickname for my daughter) was my gift from that hard time in my life. She was my whole life up to this point.

I didn't want to go through that kind of pain ever again. But he was my best friend. He was someone I never wanted to lose. He was someone who my daughter loved and he adored her. We seemed perfect for each other. That one evening, the one where we shared loves' first kiss, he was thinking the same thing...he didn't want to lose me. He didn't want to mess up what we already had either...which was perfect.

His friends...who were his brother in law and another good friend..they were the 3 musketeers... were off laughing about something. I wasn't paying too much attention to them of course.

It just so happens that my husband's name rhymes with madly... There is a song called "Do you Love Her Madly" by the Doors and some of the lyrics go like this... Don't ya love her madly / Don't ya need her badly / Don't ya love her ways / Tell me what you say / Don't ya love her madly / Wanna be her daddy...
... His friends came over to us after a while with big grins on there faces and all proud of themselves--- and they started singing to us...I thought, umm...okay... they sang---with VERY pronounced phrasing...

Don't you love her Madley? Don't you need her badly? Don't you love her ways, Tell me what you say, Don't you love her MADLEY?...getting louder and laughing hard at this point...Gonna be a daddy!!!

...and then repeated it a few times while I turned pink, then red, then purple. Madley kinda liked it. Then he kissed me very...hard. I swooned. Little Indy asked "Can you sing it again?" oy vay.

So there it is. Now you know and it stuck with me forever and ever.  I still swoon when I think of that song and the kiss that followed.


  1. Ooh, I *love* that song by The Doors. Jim Morrison's voice . . . :::swoon!::: Takes me *right* back to junior high school, riding home on the bus. Our bus driver was a cantankerous old rancher, but he let us listen to some gooooooood music on da radio.
    If anyone was misbehaving, however . . . the first thing he'd do was turn it off.

  2. Swoon! Looking forward to part this! Love you, too!


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