Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lá an Mháthair faoi shona dhuit!

Which roughly translated means Happy Mother's Day in Irish.

We are attmepting to learn Irish and it is very hard. Nothing sounds quite like it looks. But we have fun laughing at ourselves.

My paternal grandmother was Irish. My Maternal Grandmother was English. I argue with myself a lot.

On Mother's Day at our church they hand out some sort of token of appreciation for what women do to make the world go around just a little bit gentler and prettier. Sometimes it's a little inspirational booklet. Other times it's a potted flower plant. But my favorite is when it's a Sees Candy bar. For one thing I kill the plant before it ever has a chance. The booklet is nice but I'm all about the chocolate.

I wasn't very close to my real mom growing up. We didn't have the bond my daughter and I have. I have few happy memories actually surrounding her alone. When I was grown she and I were pretty much estranged. It wasn't on my part. I tried my best to get close to her.

As an adult, I had an older friend whom I loved and adored. She and I were good friends despite our age difference. I could talk to her about anything. She lit up my life.

We had a little get together a long time ago which my dad came out for and he met my friend for the first time, though he knew her from my stories about her. That day she kinda thought he glowed, had an aura about him. I think it was love at first sight.

One day a few months later, I get this phone call from my dad and he tells me he is coming out for the day to see us and bringing a friend. I said "Okay!".

Well...he shows up with MY friend. What??? When did this happen? see... they had been dating behind my back. No one told me a thing. They were sneaky little buggers.

About a year later they were married and she became my mother/my friend. I had never seen my dad this happy ever. She kept him in stitches. She was his soul mate. She was my mother. My friend. She was Irish.

She passed away close to 10 years ago and I miss her every single day. It was so hard at first. I would go to pick up the phone to call her and then the stark realization would hit me right in the gut. She was gone. I knew though, that she was in a good place smiling down at us. I can't wait to see her again someday so she can tell me a silly story and make me laugh.

I'll have to tell you some of those stories someday soon.

So I am content being a mother and a grandmother. I love to make those little grand girls laugh. Her legacy lives on in my silliness...and my love for them.

Lá an Mháthair faoi shona dhuit!


  1. Ohhhhh, Lindy . . . I look forward to reading about your friend who became your mother. What a wonderful experience to have gone from such close friends to even closer family. That's really special!

  2. She was very special to me and I will share some laughs...soon!


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