Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Daily Game of Chance

Around here at Back O' the Moon Ranch (my name for wherever we are living) we have the daily routine that is really more like a game of chance. We always wake up...that's a good thing don't you think? Usually we are up by at the very latest, 8:00am. um...or 9am...at least before noon.

We always have breakfast and the girls get to watch a little bit of TV. Then they are supposed to make their beds and clean their rooms before we start the day. Most days see it happen. Some days it just doesn't. I am out today to change this bad habit.

Homeschool goes fairly smooth most days because I have my loose plan every week and we can deviate from it and change things around if we wake up and feel like going to the zoo or the OMSI (science center) that day instead. I am strict about scripture reading, sight words, reading and math time everyday... but literature and science and some other subjects are mixed up and done at different times. 

I watched a Rachael Ray show yesterday that was DVR'd and she had The World's Strictest Parents on. I really like them. We watch Super Nanny, too. They are strict and I like strict. I like routine when it comes to a clean house. He uses a whistle and if he tells one of his kids to do something and they don't get up right then and do what they are told...he blows his whistle and they better hustle or they have to drop and give him 10 push-ups. If they don't have their room clean by inspection time...they don't get a sticker reward for that day and they have to drop and give him 10 push-ups. Then they have to go finish their room. If they don't have enough stickers at the end of the week, they don't get their reward. Period.

I like the whistle idea so much that I am going to go out and buy one today. I don't like having to raise my voice when little people aren't listening to me. We are helping our daughter raise these little sweeties and when she is at school we are in charge. Plus this is our house and our rules are going to be followed :) Little Indy is very happy to have our help and will gladly stand in agreement on discipline with us. 

We all want to raise well mannered, disciplined, smart happy adults. 

In this house, if you are going to flounce off mad and stomp up the stairs and you stub you toe while being a drama queen...we are not going to hug you or feel sorry for you right then. You will go into time out for how ever many minutes you are old and you will sit quietly and not get up. If you get up we will start the timer over...even if you end up sitting there until you grow a long white beard and I am dead and gone. After your time out in the "Reflection Room" and if I am still alive...you can come to me (or Mommy or Papa) and apologize, then we will ask you why you were in time out and hug you and tell you how much we love you...

...and because I am your Nana, I may possibly sneak you a Hershey Kiss, too.

 These are girls we are raising  so I don't know how big we want their biceps to get...we may have to do some sit-ups too. 

I promise to never use a riding crop or lunge whip on them but I may cluck my tongue at them sometimes so they will trot instead of drag their feet. They certainly like to act like horses wherever we go...they like to canter. We laugh and wish we had coconuts to bang together behind them.
"Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

So I am trying with all my might, mind and strength to be more consistent with running my household so I don't run far, far away while screaming and waving my arms wildly and join the circus, where at least I know I will fit right in riding my elephants with my beard and tattoos.

 The End

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