Wednesday, May 19, 2010


 Seriously. I have been feeling sooooooooooo good lately. My thyroid is under control because of the little nano-men that are eating away at it after my thyroid was nuked and my heart rate is a lovey 67 was over 100 almost all the time.  My RA is in check because of the lovely drug Simponi. Who could ask for more? I actually ran while we were at the beach last week. I feel like Wonder Woman!!!

I ran. Me. Running. ..well, sort of jogging, really...I walked all over that cute little seaside town. *Snork* It's name is Seaside...get it?

All of us girls were in the car doing some running around yesterday...I love when Little Indy has a break from school and we can do things together...and she put on the radio... so naturally I was singing and grooving to the music. I felt like my old self more than I have in the past 3 years. Watch out world...I am weird and wild and I am not afraid to admit it!

We belong to the local YMCA and the pool is indoors. It's a different atmosphere than back in California where a lot more people are worried about any sort of body fat that naturally occurs when you are getting older or how tan they're never too old in CA to get a tan...even if you have sit and hold your wrinkles apart so you get even color all over.

When you go to a gym or the pool or the beach in sunny CA and you are a normal person, you tend to keep your towel wrapped around your not-so-tanned, (of course unless you are blessed with naturally dark skin...then you are just worried you'll burn to a crisp and they'll have to scrape you off the pool deck so you slather yourself with sunscreen until you could be tossed with vinegar and served in a salad) not-so-perfectly sculpted body even when you are swimming.

Not here baby! Not in the Great Northwest! Here we display proudly every body style imaginable and at the YMCA you won't find any of those perfect bodied guys dressed as policemen or Native Americans singing the YMCA theme, but you will find more senior citizens than you'd ever dreamed could fit into one pool together. More gray haired, tattooed ladies gathered in one place like it's a Tattooed Lady Convention! I forget to get into the pool sometimes because I am so busy reading everyone's tattoos. I don't personally have or want any tattoos so I like to see what people thought would be *ahem* tastefully and permanently placed upon their various body parts. Some tattoos are stretched out so much that what was probably once a short little rosebud has now morphed into a long stem rose.

Here we have the normal body image. We don't worry about the battle of the bulge... we exercise like water bumper cars. I once got caught in the middle of the tattooed senior citizen bumper cars doing a water aerobics class and was bumped around the pool like a ball in a pinball machine for 45 minutes. I lost two pounds...

Some ladies here don't care if they wear a bathing suit that is the exact color of their pink skin and no one can differentiate between their skin and their bathing suit so everyone does a double take with horror in their eyes whilst covering their child's eyes until they realize she IS wearing a bathing suit. How did she match her skin color so perfectly? Did she go to Home Depot and have them do their computerized paint color matching on her skin????? And paper thin material? *shudder* Please get in the water now so I can remove my hands from the child's eyes and don't come out until I drive away. Yes, seriously.

There are other things to do at the YMCA -like exercise equipment, basketball, yoga or Zumba classes. I want to do the Zumba class next. We had to stay out of the pool area for 20 minutes the other night when we were there for the girl's swimming lessons because of lightning and we went over and watched the Zumba class through the window. I used to teach jazz aerobics when Madley and I dated and I actually felt like I could do this now! So I am going to try it. If I can jog at the beach...I can at least try a Zumba class...then I will try out for So You Think You Can Dance, what do you think? Yes? No? Yes.

My new relaxed fit, black with gray stripes down the sides gym shorts to my knees, check. BYU T-Shirt, check. White knee socks pulled all the way up, check. Gym Shoes, check. Water bottle, check. Sweat towel, check. Wish me luck! Boom Shaka Laka...Boom Boom.


  1. LMAO at holding yer wrinkles apart! Bwah-ha! I might try that, 'cept I'm one o' those ghost-white Irish who winds up being tossed with lettuce and vinegar.

    I swear . . . I want one of those long-sleeved, long-legged bathing costumes that the Gibson Girls usedta wear. Automatic sun protection *and* it'd hide mah flab! :D

  2. I want one of these...

  3. That'll work . . . well, now I hafta ask: does this make my butt look big? :D Oh, wait . . . it'll do a stellar job of holding the flab in though, won't it! //Like


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