Monday, May 17, 2010

Why I Write This Blog

            Our Bed...Madley's Laptop

 When I first started reading the Pioneer Woman blog, I was smitten with our similarities and our differences.

 I had found someone to read about who shared my passion for cooking, photography and homeschooling. She never in her wildest dreams thought she would marry a cowboy and live on a cattle ranch. I always dreamed of marrying a cowboy and living on a ranch. She did and I didn't. But we are both happy with who we picked.

 I grew up going to a country club with my parents and ahem, cough..."caddying" for my dad on the golf course. She grew up ON a golf course.

We both like Nikon camera equipment.

 She has a special needs brother, I have a special needs nephew. They are sooooo much alike...and both named Mike. Who woulda thunk?

 I don't live in the country anymore but I still live next to a cattle ranch and my back windows face the cattle pen where the cowboys and cowgirls come and do cattle stuff. I have lots of mooing and the smell of horses wafts my way. I like to watch them from my window. I had enough of that when I was young and got to help with friends cattle on the back of my very own horse.

 I already said in my bio how and why I started this but I didn't go into too much depth. I really want to finish what I started. I want to make every recipe in Ree's cookbook...

...but I also want to share some of my life with people who love me and accept me for who I am. I would love to be funny all the time but I would pee my pants too much and that is never good for me. I am learning a lot as I write more and more. I am certifiably nuts and I know it. I am sure to be boring at times. I live a pretty boring life to some people but I am happy in my boring life. I write this blog mostly for me. I love having readers, though...LOVE. IT. But if you all left me and went to a more interesting place...I would forgive you and still be happy.

oooh snickers...

 Madley started going to the theater with me in Utah. He wasn't too keen on the musicals at first but he has grown to love the theater. We haven't gone to the theater here yet but I did find a potential one downtown we will look into. 

 He introduced Jazz to me. I still don't like hard core jazz but I love Diana Krall. I introduced Michael Buble to him. He really likes his music.

Together we LOVE So you Think You Can Dance and American Idol. We also watch House, 24, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Top Gear and a few other guilty pleasures I can't seem to remember...maybe that's all we watch.

 Madley and I try to go out on a date once a week. We don't have to do anything fancy, we like to sit and talk. We like to go to a movie or to the zoo. Sometimes we go to lunch or dinner out and come home and kick everyone out and watch a movie at home...actually, now that I think about, we do that one a lot :) Having our family living with us has made it even more important for us to take the time to be just us.

 I don't know much about Ree's husband Marlboro Man and his likes and dislikes beyond a few tidbits she shares... but I can tell from what she does write that he is a good, attentive man. He washes dishes just like my Madley. Any man who does the dishes for a woman is A-OK in my book.

I still read her blog faithfully and a few others when I can. Mostly close friends and family but I have found a few others I enjoy...if you want me to see and list your blog, email me at lindy leigh photography at comcast dot net.

I just wanted you to know that I love to write. I am going to take a creative writing class so I can get my point across in a more pleasing and quirky way than I do most of the time. I want to be more interesting, even to myself...I am warped and you may just think "What the heck?" most of the time but hang in here with me and I will tell you some hair raising stories like the one about when I was a tattooed, bearded lady in the circus and I rode the elephants 2 at a time in my pajamas...oh...wait...that was my dream the other night..heh heh heh...scratch that. No tattoos here.

But I did have some blood drawn today! The vampires were even nice to me this time! And then I went to Wal*Mart!!! How exciting is that? I saw a tattooed, bearded lady. Scary Wal*Mart people make my day...but I watch my back while I am in there. You never know when one of them will recognize you from your little, obscure blog and say "Hey! I saw that there blog thing you write and I threw my computer out the window!" Nice. Not really. I am completely safe from being recognized at any Wal*Mart except maybe that one in Arizona where I made a scene because they didn't have the brand of balsamic vinegar I wanted...other than that, I am anonymous. Really.

Hope you come back soon...I really like you a lot.


  1. Love your blog Lindy Lou!!! Keep writing:)

  2. Thanks Aleena Poo...I love YOU! I miss ya just a LOT girlie poo. oh, and your hair? Scrumpdillyicios!

  3. You'n your quirks are me'n my quirks, LOL! I think Madley and Paul are twins as well. Hmm . . . :::cueing Twilight Zone music::: . . . wot sort of parallel universe be this? :D

  4. This is what I'm saying!!! You and Paul...Me and Mad...VACATION! Then you move where we move and we be neighbors...K? Then we can parallel together :)

  5. I always read you (even when I don't comment). It makes me miss you even more.

  6. I know you are always there for me are a great friend and you don't have to comment... :)

  7. ...unless you have something to say...I always like to hear from you :)

  8. Lindy - I love your honesty and your cooky-ness. Did you take that writing class? I was actually thinking of doing that too... Have a good one!

  9. Somethingtolearn~ Thank you! I haven't started a writing class just yet...I am looking at a few in my area. I'll keep the blog posted when I do start one!


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