Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Reflections

I love to watch a child discover the little things that have been created by a loving Heavenly Father.

We adults don't always stop to smell the flowers old but wise saying...stop and smell the roses...I'll add, go ahead! Do it!

When I was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis and Graves disease, I was forced to slow down. Now I have them both better controlled and I am a different person. I don't watch the clock as much. I go with the flow more.

It shouldn't have taken illness to slow me down.

So now...

I sit and play with my granddaughters when they ask me to.

I drop housework like a hot potato if Madley wants me to go somewhere with him on very short notice.

I've stopped feeling guilty. 

I don't drive as fast.

I take pictures of the little things in life.

 I sometimes feel like Geordi LaForge from Star Trek the Next Generation when I constantly have a camera stuck in front of my I will, at times, leave my camera home and just see with my own eyes and document life in my mind.

I'm enjoying the journey because I have little precious time here on the destination is worthy of my presence here.

This next week, I challenge you to slow down a realize that it's okay to let some things go. To enjoy your journey.

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