Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday

Here's another subject I love to photograph...characters.

This least for this a story teller at the zoo and he had the kids mesmerized with his tale of Native Americans and trappers and wild animals galore.

I don't know what people like this think of someone taking their photo...I usually ask permission, but I wasn't about to interrupt his story and he didn't miss a beat when I pulled my camera up to my face and started shooting. He looked at me a few times but never gave any indication I was out of line. I took that as a model release.

I wonder who braided the rug...was it him? I wish I could have stayed and talked with him but we had to move along to our destination.

Then there is this guy...he's content because the zoo's just built him and his family and friends a huge play yard and he's contemplating swinging from a branch. Then he did swing from a branch...
with his lovely wife.

 This guy didn't want his picture taken...I think he's a spy. I guessed his antennae like eyes are really tiny cameras.
His name is Jerry. He wouldn't sign a model release.

Character is important...good, strong character.

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