Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday- Car Search

Many have auditioned, none have been chosen to replace Oksana and Rose

We're still in the market for a new car...we sold the above pictured star car a few months ago and we are on the lookout for our perfect car.

A more...reserved star car.

We have changed our collective mind about 50 times but I think we are getting closer to a compromise.

We are reducing and simplifying.

Going down to one car.

Oksana the Red, stayed safely in the garage 95% of the time so she wouldn't get hurt...or dirty.

Scared. To. Take. Her. Out.

So we parted with her.

Rose, my car 1998 740

We'll sell or trade my car since it's a major gas guzzler. 13 miles to the gallon isn't a good thing. She's also like 102 years old in car years. But she is reliable and pretty, I'll give her that!

A guy at the drugstore told me she was beautiful. Men flirt with my car. They do.

Time keeps ticking on while we save more moolah for our new car.

Madley searches and researches.

 I look at ads he emails me.

Good thing I have him. He rocks my world.

I've learned that used BMW's cost less than a new Ford Focus or a Minivan. But Fords and minivans don't last as long as BMW's. Madley teaches me the finer points in car life.

I lost my desire for a minivan when we rented one for our vacation.

So watch for our newest STAR CAR to debut in the next...say...three to nine months.

It probably won't be red...just sayin'

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