Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Confessions-Handcart Trek

Once upon a wonderful time...Kimmie and I were privileged to be involved with a youth pioneer handcart trek reenacting the Mormon's long and arduous journey to the wild west and the Salt Lake Valley... where believe it or not...they could have some peace and freedom from angry mobs and build there lives and homes over again with the freedom of religion that should have been theirs wherever they chose to live in the USA.  

 Horse trailers and trucks?

I was on the handcart trek planning committee and worked alongside some great people for months making this the most wonderful, but heart wrenching, difficult, exhausting activity any of these young people had ever dreamed of participating in, just so they could know for a short couple of days a squeaky wheel glimpse into what the pioneers endured when they made that rugged trek quite a few decades before their time. Some of these kids had pioneer ancestors that actually did this for real. FOR REAL.
Wow...that was deep.

This is me on a horse named Casey.

 ...and this in my BFF Kimmie on Mulligan.

Kimmie and I had the most coveted jobs in the whole outfit...and it was my idea. You see...I'm lazy. And riding a horse seemed more like something I could handle. I coerced, begged, bribed talked my superior planners into this. I'm no example, let me tell you. I thought it was a pretty great moment of genius... if I do say so myself.

Four other co-planners thought so too and rode horses along with us. Four men. We were supposed to be men.


 ...Kim wore her gardening hat and I wore my Shania Twain Cowgirl hat. We really didn't fit in at all while also wearing our spiffy matching brown gaucho pants that I got on eBay... but we were... stylish for the time...shall we pretend?

This is mine and Casey's view. Pretty cushy job we had, huh? Look at those "pioneers" trekking along while I sit upon my steed with a camera, documenting my laziness and superiority to the fullest.

See...a man. A real man. I think he too was happy he wasn't walking in the heat of August in the hills of dead and moaning grass...on hard dirt roads.

Seemed pretty realistic I think. Casey wasn't sure what the heck was going on. He'd never seen a handcart or girls with bonnets...and water bottles. But he was a good sport.

So...I confess. I rode a horse in a handcart trek. And I'd do it again anytime. You betcha.

♫Put your shoulder to the wheel -push along...while I ride upon my horse singing a song...we all have work...let no one shirk...put- your -shoulder -to- the wheel.


  1. Awesome! I hope to be involved the next time they do trek I went when I was in YW and it was awesome. We were not aloud to bring water bottles. We had a tin mug tied to a string on our aprons. Yes, aprons. We also had a bucket of water in the back of our handcart. We were hardcore back then :) great post. Thanks again for everything, for allowing me to invite myself under your wing. I am so glad we met

  2. This was in California a few years back...I seriously had way more fun riding than I would have walking ;)

    They made the decision to put coolers along the roadside for water bottles. I was opposed to that idea but then again...I was riding a horse.

    I'm glad we met too :)


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