Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Writing Assignment

Today on Mama Kat's Writing Assignment I picked 
Prompt #2 "I was holding on tight but..."

When Madley and I were dating and first married, we would go jet skiing and boating on the river with his BIL and Handsome Rob. I really adored just being out on the water in a boat with the waves lapping at the sides and the spray hitting my face. I adore the water period. Just like my brother Fish...I could live on the water. I envy Tammy and her little houseboat on the swamp...uh, without the whole  swamp thing.

When Little Indy was little, we loved to go camping at our favorite lake with her and our dog, a little basenji. We had flotation man rafts really...Little Indy had a blow up canoe. We couldn't go very far or our arms would fall off from treading water to get anywhere.

Once... while Little Indy was on her canoe and we were on our rafts floating lazily on the lake, the dog was on my raft with me, and he decided he wanted to be with Little Indy and he suddenly jumped off my raft and swam to her canoe and climbed on wildly and clumsily, splashing water everywhere. It's a wonder he didn't puncture it or dump our Little Indy into the lake. Where's a camera when you need one?

Eventually, We got a boat. A rubber raft with a small 2hp engine and now we could get places on our favorite lake that only a boat could get to. We thought we had it made in the shade. We were happy putt putting along with little Little Indy and our doggy, stopping, weighing our tiny anchor to swim or fish.

...then one day we saw a boat like ours on the lake, it had a Bimini top. Shade while on the water. Jealousy ensued.

But we needed more than just a shade top for our little boat. We skipped right over that part. We needed more power. Just like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor.

We moved up to a fiberglass boat with a bit more power and could water ski...sort of. It took everything that boat had to pull one of us behind it. We loved that little boat, but we were still hungering for power. More power.

So.............we made the jump and bought a real boat. A massive ski monster. Black. Sleek. Could tow an elephant.

We were hot.

We lived on the water. I would pick up the boat and tow it to the launch ramp near my brother's houseboat. Fish and I would launch it and Madley would meet us there after work. We liked skiing on the week nights when it was less crowded.

This was our life.

Madley and Fish liked to barefoot. I liked to knee board. I mostly liked to drive the boat. I got to be quite the expert.

One summer we were invited up to a friends place on a lake for the weekend...we went with bells on our skis. My dad came too... and brought a friend.

We got there late and got our boat in the water bright and early in the morning after breakfast. It was a bit windy. We didn't care. No stinkin' wind will stop us!

We skied and knee boarded all day...with a few breaks for food and potty times.

Late in the afternoon, I was having one last go on my hot, fast knee was choppy out on that water, but I was jumping those chops and spinning 360's and having a blast.

I saw it coming. A giant wave. I went for it. My arms didn't...I was tired. I remember hitting the wave and flying up in the air...but when I came down... I hit with the nose of my board and did a face plant. The mother of all face plants. I was holding on tight to that rope...never let go. That's what Madley chanted to me all. the. time.

The next thing I knew...I was looking around and all I saw were water and shore. Where the heck was I? Then I heard my dad calling me... and then Madley...and then "Mommy? Are you okay?

I turned around in the water and saw my family looking down at me from the monster boat. Madley was holding up 4 fingers asking me to count them. They were mocking me. "I'm fine...I think...oh, my head."

I had a nice concussion.


Yes I did.

Thank heavens for life vests.

We no longer own a boat...and we're okay with that. We had lots of years of boating...with minimal accidents.

I do however still want a houseboat. Yes I do. I want to fish. I want to sit outside on my deck at twilight...drinking lemonade.

I think I'll go Google "houseboats for sale".

Then I may buy a fishing rod.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Ah, being on the water is so blissful! Good luck on your houseboat search.
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. Haha I love it! Definately buy a fishing rod!

  3. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good story! Sorry you had to get rid of the boat though. Nice blog by the way, Im checking out all your links and things!

    Stopped by from Mamma Kats!

  5. Loved your story. Glad you were okay and have many more good memories than bad of your times on the water. Here's to getting that houseboat someday!

  6. Kathy,
    My two Army Brats-thanks! It is blissful :)

    Tarunita, Thank you!

    Bloggin in PA- Thank you! It was time to let it go...

    Emily-Thank you...I do hope I can get a houseboat ;)

    ... Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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