Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Confessions-A day in my life sans pictures

Thursday August 26th-

I woke up and and said, "YAY! It's Madley Date Day! We get to be alone!
I went ooh la wee wee.
I brushed my African Bush Monkey hair.
I washed my face in cold water.
I put on my sweats and socks.
I went downstairs.
I heated up my rice woobie in the microwave oven.
I opened up all the windows in the house to celebrate the coolness outside.
I made my chocolate soy milk and took my medicine and vitamins with it.
I played Yoville on Facebook.
I made hot cocoa for my granddaughters.
I wrote some of my book on my computer.
I kissed Madley goodbye as he went to the gym.
I listened to Little Indy make breakfast for her girls.
She put the dishes away.
I read.
I put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
I went up to make the bed, Madley had already made it.
I kissed the girls goodbye.
I read.
I picked my toes (I got the idea from Ree).
I ate a Hershey Kiss.
I drooled over recipes on Tasty Kitchen.
I filed a fingernail.
I kissed Madley hello when he walked in from the gym.
I took a shower.
I got ready for my date day.
I started a load of laundry.
I watched Madley package up some car rims he sold on Craig's List.
I kissed Madley goodbye as he left to send them off at UPS.
I read.
I kissed Madley hello when he returned the UPS store.
I put the laundry in the dryer.
Madley got ready.
I shut all the windows and locked up.
I said goobye to my dad as he left for who knows whereville.
I carried stuff to the car for Madley and got in.
We drove away.
I ate veggie sushi with Madley for lunch.
I stuffed my fortune cookie in my purse.
We went ooh la wee wee.
We drove to the car dealership and browsed.
We met a girl with the same name as Madley.
We laughed.
We sat in cars I want... then in cars Madley wants.
We gave our pro and con arguments about which car is best to the sales Lady with a boy's name.
She smiled and nodded.
We didn't buy a car.
I went ooh la wee wee.
We got in our old car and drove away.
I ate my fortune cookie.
We drove to IKEA.
We got frozen yogurt cones.
We walked around IKEA eating them.
We found the towel rack we wanted but they were out of them.
We went ooh la wee wee.
We left IKEA.
We needed gas. We drove until we almost ran out of gas looking for a station and then hit traffic.
Madley pulled over so I could drive.
Traffic makes him crazy.
My car said we had 8 miles to go before we would run out of gas. Madley found a gas station on his iPhone app. We turned around and found said gas station.
We got gas. They pump it for you in Oregon.
I put on lip gloss while we waited.
Madley washed my windows.
We left the gas station full and happy.
I drove a different way and found less traffic.
Madley ignored the traffic by playing a game on his iPhone.
We finally arrived home.
I went ooh la wee wee.
I made tuna sammies.
We ate tuna sammies.
We watched Pawn Stars and Master Chef.
I ate 4 8 Hershey Kisses.
Madley went to bed.
The girls and I cleaned up.
I typed this up for you.
I played yoville on Facebook.
I read.

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