Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Writing Assignment

This is probably my favorite day to blog! Plus this week...Mama Kat used one of my prompts in her weekly prompt list!
Thank you Mama Kat!

Mama's Losin' It

 Here are the prompts from her blog...

This week’s assignments are:
1.) If you could do it over again…
(Inspired by Barb from Half-Past Kissin’ Time)
2.) If you were put in “time out”, where would you want to be placed and why?
(inspired by Melissa from Night Light Stories)
3.) Steppin outside the box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone)
(inspired by Sherri from Matter Of Fact)
4.) A long drive…
(inspired by Lindy from Lindy And Ree)
5.) Describe the first date you went on in a boy’s car.
(inspired by Lori from The Peterson Family)
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I would love to see some of my friends who like to write, join me in these writing assignments!

I chose # 2

If I were put in a time out, first of all, I would want to know what I did. Was it really bad? I can't imagine being put in a time out... I am Nobody. Nobody's I am Perfect. I certainly wouldn't do anything illegal, immoral, or it was probably my big mouth that got me in trouble.

Not sure which castle this is...but I like it.

Okay, if I were bad enough to be put in a time out I would want to be sent to Ireland for 3 weeks. I would learn my lesson best in Ireland, I swear. I will be good. I will only speak Irish. I will sit on the old, rugged steps of a large castle on a green, grassy hill overlooking the Loch, in a long green skirt and white ruffled shirt. I would dye my hair red.

I would listen to Celtic Woman while I sit and spin wool into yarn, just like my Irish mother. 

I would eat boiled potatoes and black pudding and cheese...sleep under miles of patchwork quilts.

I would party with St. Patrick (non-alcoholic of course).

Go bird watching with the Twitchers

I would ride my dream bike all over Ireland.

...and horseback riding is a must.

Go to the Dublin Zoo.

Shopping of course!

I would search diligently for Nessie in the Loch and then ride her all around the loch with a funny hat on. Me, not Nessie.

I would take about a million pictures.

So, I think I'll go and be bad right now, (again, nothing illegal, immoral or fattening) so I can be put in time Ireland. Land of my ancestors, and my dreams.

I'll let you know how it goes.

...because I love all things Irish.

I may never come home, though.


  1. Hey wait ... aren't you supposed to be punished in time out????? This doesn't seem like being punished at all!!1

  2. Jenners~ It said nothing of WHAT i could do in time out :) I'm an adult and feel that time outs are blessings. YAY! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your idea of time out. Time out + travel + FUN = PERFECT!

    My MKWW post was also on the same prompt. Come check it out!

  4. I would love to be put in time out in New Zeland or Australia. However Ireland is a great choice as well. :-)

  5. Lesley~ I will come and check out yours! Thanks for stopping by!

    Melissa~ Those would be fun places to visit too!

  6. That's a neat time out. Ireland sounds like a great place to visit.


Let me know you were here!

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