Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey! It's OK Wednesday

It's OK... want this little BBQ even though I don't need it. It's orange and little. I wants it, Precious. use select-a-size paper towels. It's a good thing. cry. be happy watching a little cottontail bunny hop around in my yard every morning. I need to sneak out and take pictures...he hates me though. take pictures of funny little leaf bugs that I think are looking right at me. Is he looking at you? Doesn't he look like your mother when she wasn't too happy with you? That's not my hairy arm :) teach basic photography to a bunch of wonderful young women tonight and be excited...I will feed off of their youth for 2 hours. be sad that So You Think You Can Dance is almost over. Who'll win? I like Kent. He makes me smile. Lauren is great. Robert...meh. He should play some Disney Prince. love Glee. be hopelessly in love with Madley because he sacrifices so much for me. Watching Glee and SYTYCD with me, letting me read Eclipse to him (we're almost finished) and then he is going to read Harry Potter to me. He's never read the books. This will be fun.


  1. Yes a fellow Glee watcher!! I love love LOVE that show!!
    I really liked your post! have a great day.


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