Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dia Dhuit Ar Maidin!

Nature is sometimes weird. Tulips are beautiful...but their guts are weird freaks of nature. This is what attracts bees? ... Why? It must be one of those life secrets they keep.

What secrets do you keep? I don't want to know them...I just want you to think about them.

I have a few myself.

I'll tell you one secret of mine. But you are sworn to secrecy. You must pinkie swear with me you'll never tell another soul...living or deceased. Pinkie swear? Double pinkie swear? Triple Virtual Cyberspace Pinkie Swear? ...works for me.

As some of you know because you follow my blog...we are learning Irish. It's hard. I only know a few phrases and words by heart...I understand more than I can spit out. I love it. It fascinates me. I want to move to Ireland. I want the accent. I want a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. But these are no secrets.

My secret has to do with a specific Irish/Scottish phrase I love. It doesn't fit my personality at all. I would never say this in English. Ever. I may think it...in Irish... but never would I say it out loud...well...okay...

I'll admit I say this one...in Irish... all the time to my daughter and my hubby.

...in jest.

In Irish it's Póg mo Thóin
In Scottish it's Póg mo Thón

I even have a bumper sticker above my desk...see? I saw it in the Celtic shop window when we were in Seaside a few months ago and she was out of them. She can't keep them from flying off the shelves. So when we went back a couple weeks ago...we made a beeline for the shop and she had some!!!!

As Linda, my favorite Scottish bard and Celtic shop owner where I purchased the above sticker which is still in the wrapper would say..."People ask me 'Does this say 'Kiss Me I'm Irish'?"and she replies, "Aye! It's up to you to tell them where, eh?" I love her.

This is about as racy as you will ever see me get. You'll never find me in an Irish pub or gamblin' out back...but this is my well guarded secret...and if you don't approve...well...see above sticker.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program of Lindy the Mostly Boring, Irish learning, Writing, Pathological Picture Taking, Homeschooling, Wife. Nana. Mother. Wanna be racy, WEIRDO FREAK OF NATURE.

P.S. We haven't told the girls what this means...or how to pronounce it.


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