Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cleaning the Edges

Do you clean the edges?
How deep do you clean? Are you obsessed and use Qtips everywhere...or do you just swish a rag around the room and call it good?

I only use Qtips in my ears. 

But I do clean pretty thoroughly.

I like to vacuum the edges of a room. It's where people look to see how you rate as a Domestic Goddess. (or is that just me?) Beware...if I come to your house...I will check the edges. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  It's a habit of mine. I don't judge YOU...just your laziness factor. It makes me feel a bit better about myself, since I have an inferiority complex and I want to excel in something. Cleaning the edges gives me an ego boost. 
Kinda sad, huh?

I like a clean, neat home. Not everyone in my house has my "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" put it mildly. Some of us are heathens when it comes to neatness and should be taken out back and beaten senseless with a feather duster.

I'm diligently trying to teach my granddaughters MY philosophy...and I think it's starting to work a little. This morning, one of them noticed a "stain" behind the garbage can. I freaked out and ran over to where she was standing and pointing...and she deduced it was pizza sauce from a careless dumping of food from a plate after a meal. She is my favorite person now. She is starting to notice the edges.

I have them cleaning with me regularly, trying to raise homemakers...and so far, they like it. They are even pushing the big vacuum around...and they will vacuum a whole room, including...the edges. Score!

Now, I am no Fly Lady.
I don't polish my kitchen sink every night before I go to bed, I only clean it out.

I don't wear shoes around the house...just socks or slippers, or dare to chance...bare feet!

Right now, and for the past few weeks, I am in a organizing mode. I am in a 'throw it out if I don't love it' mode.

It's a great feeling people!

So I frequent organizing blogs. I search for containers. I am color coding. I am labeling. I may need a new home soon, if I make everyone crazy here. At least if I had my own place, it would be spotless and neat at all times. Hmmm...

Pet Peeve #2

This is why I won't eat anything at a pot luck dinner, unless I know you and know you clean your kitchen regularly. I have seen kitchens almost this bad. If I've never seen your kitchen, I won't eat your food. My fear is someone brings a casserole, and this is where they made it. Extreme...but it could be true! The horror!!!! The humanities! I'm melting!

So, get out your vacuum...I may be coming over today...
and I'll be checking your edges. But don't check my house right now, because I am not the maid and I may be sick of being the only one who cares about the edges.

I love you more'n peaches and cream with a cherry on top! where is my feather duster? ...



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  2. Love it :) My husband is a clean it with a Qtip kind of guy - lol. I like when he decides my car needs to be detailed! That is pretty gross about the potlucks - never thought about that!

  3. Thanks Nan...I already follow your blog :)

    Rene W... Mine too...he is way better than me :)

  4. Oh...and Rene...You're my hero :)

  5. I must admit I am not a 'clean around the edges' kinda person... you don't want to know how long my dishes have been sitting in the sink! Lol! Tidy, yes...absolutely spotless, no. Thanks for the visual on the really not clean kitchen though...not sure I'll ever approach a potulck the same way again!!

  6. Jacqui, I'm not as perfect as I would like to be :) I have too many people living with me...don't tell anyone, but I have gone to bed with a sink full of dishes once or twice.

    Potluck truly freak me out.

  7. Lindy the picture of that kitchen gives me the creeps and I don't clean with Qtips. ick. My kitchen and bathrooms are definitely the cleanest rooms in the house. I do need to work on organization. I'm a clutter bug.

  8. I haven't eaten ANYTHING at a potluck since I was 16 unless I or someone I know made it.
    I NEVER eat at funerals (explaination...."potluck for families after"). YUK. Won't explain because it would REALLY creep you out! Just don't do it.

  9. M@Betty Crapper~ I am getting organized little by little :)

  10. Maryann~ I think I remember us talking about that. We should have NEVER invented potlucks ;)


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