Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where did Monday go? ...

I skipped it. I went out with Madley and didn't blog and no one really cares...including me...unless you do care, and then I would say...WOW! Thanks!

We had a great day together yesterday, running errands and going out to sushi for lunch and just hanging out. Then we came home and watched Pawn Stars and a movie. Then I read another chapter of Breaking Dawn to him. Then we went to bed and read, said our prayers and fell asleep. 

Do you think this is a typical date day for Brad and Angelina?

Today Little Indy left on her trip to Northern California with her field school for 5 days of camping and fishing...oh, wait...no fishing, just camping and digging...and using compasses and what not. I have no clue what they are doing exactly but I bet I'll know what they did when she returns!

Madley and I now have the girls all to ourselves. First thing we did was calm them down because they were crying "Mommy, mommy...I miss mommy" 10 minutes after she left.

Actually, I had dropped her and her stuff off and she ran back to the car... she had forgotten her hiking boots and only had flip flops with her AND she forgot her camp chair...so being the nice person and mom that I am, I hightailed it back across town to get them and hightailed it back to the fort in 20 minutes flat. If it were a normal trip across town it would have taken me 15 minutes one way...oops.

When I dropped her boots and chair off, she was in the ladies room, so we didn't get to say a second goodbye and one minute after we started (much slower now) back home...the flood gates opened up and they cried all the way home. I got them calmed down and after we got home...they saw Papa and...WAH! We miss mommy!
All's good on the home front now, we put Sponge Bob on and Papa Madley watched it with them.

This is the first time Little Indy has spent a night away from them since they were born (well, since they were conceived) so it will be lonely for her tonight...at least until she realizes no one at the camp will be asking her to do anything like wipe their nose or read them a story or any number of things she does for them every single day and in the middle of the night.

I think she will make it through and be glad she is done with field school come next Saturday afternoon when she returns home.
Thanks for reading my rambling writings.

You're all my BFF's Forever, K?


  1. I did wonder where you were yesterday but I knew you'd be back.

  2. So I dont think i have ever commented on a blog post.. so sorry for that! this post made me laugh I do wonder what they do for date night! I love all your ramblings :)

  3. I think a typical date between Brad and Angelina involves orphans and no running water somewhere in some far corner of the world. :-)

  4. Laurie~ I'm always here :)

    Lauren~Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog!

    Renee...I'm sure they have to be just normal people sometimes!


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