Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Okay Wednesday

Remember this picture from yesterday's post? Well, imagine this as flat. 

It's Okay to...

...laugh and feel bad at the same time, when my 33 year old daughter texts me that it's raining, lightning and thundering in N. CA, where she's at now, and she can't find her tent stakes....then texts that her poles are missing too...and I go out it the garage and find that they fell between some boxes she was moving around a few days ago. Now she gets to bunk with someone else. This is a nightmare for an only child :) text her that, though I flew home and back in record time, after dropping her off yesterday morning, to make sure she didn't have to hike in flip flops and retrieve her forgotten hiking boots, I am NOT driving 7 hours one way to take her her tent poles and stakes. I think I'm funny. not tell her that I found them in the garage between the boxes and make fun of her...unless I decide I want to text her on Saturday while she's returning from her camping trip and tell her she is a big doofus like her mother. then proceed to sleep like a baby in my nice, warm, comfy, not in a tent, bed.

Sunset Little Indy texted me last night.


  1. Pretty...views like that are worth having to share a tent with someone else!

  2. Those sort of things build character :)


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