Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lunch Lady Strikes Again

With my granddaughters here and Little Indy in college, I'm the lunch lady and I sometimes forget how creative I can be and draw a blank as to what to fix them for lunch.

Some days I feel burnt out with our usual repertoire of lunch time nosh.

Mac and Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Salad
Pizza Bagels
Sammies (sandwiches)

All served with a fresh fruit, carrot sticks, a drink and sometimes baked chips of some variety. 

We've also been known to frequent Taco Bell or Subway.

So the other day I was really bored. I'd had no complaints from the little princesses, but I just didn't feel like any of those things. I don't eat any of those things myself for lunch...except the occasional sammie from Subway or a burrito from Taco Bell. I almost always have my Mean Green Smoothie unless Madley takes me out to lunch or we are on a picnic or whatever...but back to my boredom...I remembered how much I like these little pinwheel tortilla roll thingys and the girls had never tried them so I made some.

Smart move on my part. They loved them...even our little picky one. She wanted more. So we have added tortilla pinwheel thingys to our lunch menu here at Nana's Kitchen.

I just take a flour tortilla, spread on whipped cream cheese, add ham, salami and for Madley...baby spinach too, and roll them up and slice them into fun pinwheels.

Okay...so when I am bored with these, what suggestions do you have for lunch ideas that don't include fish sticks or chicken nuggets?


  1. Good idea with the pinwheels. Chickpeas – plain and hummu – frozen peas, pasta and anything that can be dipped in ketchup are all a hit at our house.

  2. I have one that won't eat much else but she does like frozen peas...great for a hot day! She also loves ketchup...oh...and salsa. Salsa, ketchup and pizza sauce are the only way she'll eat tomatoes. She doesn't know they're made of tomatoes ;)


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