Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eureka, Utah-WW Description

I have been explaining my Wordless Wednesday pictures for a few posts now...I have a few more to go. I think tomorrow I will post "Not So Wordless Wednesday" I love learning how to blog...and what works for me and what doesn't.

What works for you?

What types of blogs do you like to read?

For me...I just write and post what I feel like posting that day and experiment. I am terrified of hanging my feelings out in the breeze or sharing anything too personal...I'm afraid you will all think I'm a sap. Wait...I am a sap. I'd rather be uplifting than bring anyone down.

I am most likely the only person who thinks I'm funny and I LOL at myself...which I think is healthy but you may think I'm nuts...and you are probably correct.

I like reading a variety of blogs. I goo goo gah gah over the mom blogs.

I cry with inspirational blogs.

I eat photography blogs alive.

I salivate and lick my computer screen with food blogs.

I laugh, I giggle, I snicker, and I snort milk out of my nose when I read a lot of your blogs.

I like to buy a chunk of chocolate from Whole Foods and gnaw on it all week.

So without further ado...

Early morning mine shaft in Eureka, UT a few years ago.

I once belonged to a photography club in Provo, Utah. One of my photography advisers told me to search for a local photography club to mingle with other photographers... I found one and I joined said club.... so I would be able to have fun with my photography instead of just working. I was just getting back into the world of photography and needed people who were as insane as I was. I found them. And they are gloriously as insane as I am. I seem to have more fun than work these days...which is fine by me.

We are a close knit group...actually...they are a close knit group, I up and moved away and they stayed there and are still going strong. I really miss them. Really... a lot. ...I hope they miss me. I'm sure they do. I was the one who brought the treats.

I love my new photography group...they are a fun bunch of people. I am confident they think I am crazy. 

These pictures are from a group field trip my Provo club took together. Eureka, Utah...it's almost a ghost town. I sure hope the people we saw and talked to were alive...

This *man bag*? is in an old cabin that belonged to Porter Rockwell. The whole cabin is under a covering for protection. It was brought to Eureka from Tooele, UT for some reason.

Geese love this place...do ghosts drive cars?

Porter Rockwell's long under britches?



  1. How wonderful! I would love to get in a photography group... until then, I will labor on with my own ways and pretend I am good :) You captured some great photos there - what fun subjects!! (I hope that you participate in the Sundays In My City too)

  2. I feel the same way about blogging. So far I like what I am reading on yours.


  3. Rene W. ~ Thank you! You should look up photography clubs on Meetup.com

    I will think about the Sunday idea! I love yours.

  4. Lisa Day~ Thank you...your blog is awesome.


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