Friday, May 14, 2010

This Weeks Recipe Pick

 We just got home from the zoo and now we are heading out for Japanese food for the girls birthday dinner. We have been eating out soooo much this week. I am ready for home cooked meals. Especially after eating at the zoo. I had a veggie burger. I just can't eat meat at the zoo. It's just not right. I can eat seafood at the sea though. Now why is that?

We rode the zoo train. They really need to clean up the back lot where the train goes around the loop. I spent $3 to see all the discarded broken junk.

Hardly any animals came out for us to gawk at them and say "aaaahhhh" or "ooooohhhhh". They were all napping which is what I wanted to do. I did see the baby elephant's hiney...and the hippos' hineys...and a bear's hiney...and a tiger's tail. 

I'm tired. There was traffic on the way home. Now I have to leave again. I want my mommy and a nap.

My pots and pans miss me. I miss them. I NEED to cook...tomorrow.

I am in the mood for's supposed to rain again in a few days so I will make PW's Simple, Perfect Chili when it feels like a chili sort of day.

I may also make the Twice Baked Potatoes tomorrow.

After Sushi and miso soup...I see my feet propped up in my recliner with my purple polky dotted blankie and a movie.

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  1. That's way too many hineys, LOL!

    Mmmmmmm, sushi . . .


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