Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank Heaven for Farmers and...

...all things local.
We go to our local Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. It's just the kind of outing that can put a smile on your face every time. I like to go early to avoid the crowds and to be able to take pictures without getting bumped every five seconds.

What would a farmer's market be without Candy Makers? It's the law. You must buy some fudge. mmmm...pistachio.

...There is this tiny stand that makes BBQ. I'm talking Fried Green Tomatoes type BBQ. NO! Not Frank Bennett BBQ. Regular...down home, mouth watering, crave it fortnightly kind of BBQ. The people who are the creators of this fine nosh are the kind you want to just hug because they are so sweet. 

 ...and then there is the Cajun stand. It looks like Mardi Gras every weekend. Mmm hmmm...Jambalaya my friend. Jambalaya is a good thing. More sweet people. Friendly as all get out. Oh the sights and smells...*slurp*

...A local Berry farm brings their homemade jams, jellies and spreads. I've tasted every kind and I love these fresh delicacies on my English muffins on cool mornings.

My daughter always buys doughnuts for her and the girls. I just like watching this cool doughnut machine. I imagine lying under it catching them in my mouth. Then I sneak one out of the bag when no one is looking.

This is Alfie the Clown. He is a balloon maker. He parks himself near the playground where the children are. He will make your child a balloon creation of her choice. If you want to slip him a couple of bucks, he will gladly take it to replenish his balloon supply... because if he were getting rich off of making balloon animals we would all be doing it.  I'm usually afraid of clowns but Alfie is the one exception to my "NO CLOWNS" rule.

 A few musicians grace us with their presence and play some soothing get you in the mood to buy buy buy or just so you will throw some spare change in their instrument case. This guy looks just like Yani...some people call him The Jesus Man because he could also be mistaken for Him in his white robes.

I don't know about your farmer's market but ours is "dog friendly" and I do mean friendly. Dogs bring their people from miles around to mingle with other dogs. The proprietors of the booths put water buckets outside their stands and a lot of them have doggie treats on the tables for canine munching pleasure.

There are garden stands. Local growers who will tell you everything you need to know about what you can plant and where you should plant them and what to do to keep them alive. Which I need because I seem to kill plants in large numbers lately. 

The flower stands are gorgeous! If you are going to have a nice get together you can pick up a bouquet for the table or just because.

 Children! Of course...they come for the excitement...they come for the flowers and Alfie the clown and the doughnuts...and the dogs. Unless they are afraid of dogs then they can be seen running across the park towards the playground with one or two parents in hot pursuit.

There aren't many fruits and veggies out yet. I wait patiently eating doughnuts while they grow.


  1. Lindy, the people are the fruits and veggies! he he he
    Oh and by the way in case you forgot....I invented Farmer Markets!
    I hope the world understands our sense of humor! I know WE DO!!!

  2. LOL Maryann, how could I forget to give you credit :)

    ...oh...and I went over to Hawaii and ate that man o' War for you. *Burp*

  3. Man-oh, Lindy . . . I want *your* farmer's market, LOL! What a cool place. We go to the Brentwood farmer's market every now and then, but it's usually really close to closing (noon) since we go after my WW meeting. It mostly seems like a straightforward fruits-and-vegetable market, with a few bread-y and dessert-y nummies thrown in . . . but none o' the cool flair yours seems to have. Do ya suppose it'd have more personality if we were there earlier? (Might mebbe just be because things are winding down by the time we get there.)

  4. Deb...ours doesn't close until 3pm, which is nice. It's pretty big. We are going over to try out the Portland one sometime soon. I'll take pictures there too :)


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