Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Story? Part 3

Part 3

Mr. Cute Boy called to tell me he was going out of town for a few days and he would call me when he got back. I said "OK". Have fun.

I went to work, played with my daughter and just lived my life for those few days without really thinking much about him being gone.  I would think about him off and on but I was just his friend. He would probably meet someone and I would need to go out and get a new friend. My roommate was too busy for me now that she liked frosting so much.

The phone ringing in the kitchen woke me from my nap. I stumbled over and answered. It was the Cute Boy. He was home. My stomach did a flip flop. Huh? What was that. He was coming over and taking us out to dinner.

After dinner we came home to my apartment and while my daughter rode her big wheel all over the apartment complex...Cute Boy and I sat and talked on the lawn underneath the sycamore trees. It was nice...not too warm and the sun was barely setting. I was full and content to be sitting there with him...chatting about nothing.

Then my stomach did that flip flop thing again when he was staring at me as he leaned in telling me something about his trip. I leaned in too. What was I doing??? I leaned closer his head moved back ever so slightly and he said "Don't kiss me...hard". Huh? So I leaned in a bit more and he leaned in a bit more...and we kissed...for a little while without moving...we kissed. Then I leaned back...looking at him with a dumb struck look on my face "huh?" He said " I just wasn't sure we should...kiss..." "Why?" "Because...I think I like you in that way".  I mumbled "Huh?"

The sun was setting rapidly and he went home. My daughter screeched her big wheel up to the stairs and we went inside and had our baths and went to bed. I slept a dreamless sleep.

The next Saturday his mom had invited us to a little get together/picnic thing (I think that was the actual title of the function) put on by her women's club at a river park near his house...we went and took my daughter...and his sister was there. She looked suspicious. In fact his mom and step dad and his friends looked suspicious. We only kissed once! How could they see anything on our faces? Then he put his arm around me and planted one right on my lips in front of God and everyone. His sister was no longer suspicious.

Then his friends laughed a hearty laugh at us. His sister said in a very loud voice "I knew it!' You said you were just friends! I knew it!"

Next in Part 4 How he got the name Madley.

To be continued... Part Four


  1. Awww . . . sweet story, Lindy! I love the cake, frosting and sprinkles analogy, and look forward to reading Part 4. Tap-tap-tap . . . waiting! ;D

  2. wait!! Where's the first 2 parts, I am hooked but I must read the first 2 parts!!!

  3. never mind I discovered the older post button's hide out and searched and read the previous 2, I now know that what I thought you meant with the frosting in this post is entirely but still hysterically funny. I can't wait for part 4. P.S. I miss all of you lots and lots!!!!!!

  4. Thanks *Lei* and Deb... :) Patience is a virtue!

    We miss you to MRS. Leila. The girls told me today. "Leila got married!" I said "Oh really? Ya think?"


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