Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Second Breakfast and Elevensies

 I am a hobbit. I like to eat more than one breakfast. I am short and tiny. I don't have very hairy feet. Okay...I am not really a hobbit, I just love hobbits. I love the Lord of the Rings books and movies. Frodo Baggins is my hero.

Handsome Rob...yes, you know who you are...gave me the LOTR Series of books as a gift when Madley and I were newlyweds. I had read them in high school and adored them. I still adore them. How did you know?

I am writing a book. Yes I am. It is not about hobbits or any fairytale creatures whatsoever.

I am not really a writer, yet... but I want to be... so I am writing a book about...oh,'s a secret. I almost told you!

I like fantasy books as much as the next fantasy geek... but I don't have anything new to add to the fantasy world, so I will write about the real world...but it will be fictional. Not really real...but based on reality. Kapeesh? Saavy?

I've also decided to take a creative writing class so I can organize all my ideas and thoughts coherently and in a pleasing manner. I need the creative outlet that writing gives me. Need.

 Writing is a vacation for my mind or maybe from my mind. It's a bit too active sometimes. I can do it alone... whereas with photography, I have to be with people...which is great, but I need some alone time. Although when I shoot flowers I can be alone...I like flowers. I like people. I need therapy. No I don't. YES YOU DO. No...I don't. Now go away. Oh no!...Not you... you can stay. I like you :)

When I am writing I am happy. When I am cooking I am happy.  When I am behind my camera I am happy. When I am in Madley's arms I am extremely happy.

I need to get Madley an anniversary gift...Friday is our 27th wedding anniversary and  I am going shopping today. By myself. Alone. No hobbits are coming with me.

Almost time for elevensies.

...and I need to pick the next PW recipe...thinking, thinking...

Have a nice day.

Lindy Lou Who


  1. That's great that you are writing a book! Can't wait to read it!

  2. I may be asking both of you...Laurie and Marci...some questions relating to the book...expect an email ladies :)

    How are you feeling Marci? I talked to you mom the other me...


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