Saturday, May 22, 2010

PW Simple Perfect Enchiladas

mmmmm...cheesy goodness.

I was craving Mexican food as usual... but I was too tired to go to Taco Bell again- so I made these!

Some of the ingredients. None of these look like Taco do they? (Not that there's anything wrong with Taco Bell, I puffyheart Taco Bell when I am not too tired to drive there).

Ready to go into the oven.

I have to say...I usually make chicken enchiladas, this recipe called for ground beef. um... Oh Yeah, as Lightning McQueen would say. I think chicken would work just fine too but since I am chronically anemic and can't donate vampire has ever kept sucking away at my taste, no substance. Edward came after me first but turned me down for Bella. I swear! Really! 

I crave beef all the time. I use chicken because it's supposedly healthier. Healthy Schmealthy. I'll make chicken enchiladas next time...yeah...that's the ticket. No it's not. I want my beef and I want it NOW!

Who cares? I drained the oil off...I cooked it in my non stick pan. Yes I did. I was one happy anemic little human. Beef AND Extra sharp cheddar cheese? I can hang with that. 

 Finished and ready to get in my belly!

These were really. REALLY great...and easy. Definitely easy. Try them! Go out and get the book and try them. You won't be sorry...

 I also made my my newest recipe...Shrimp-Cucumber Salsa...recipe tomorrow...

Yummo! Avocados are evidence that God loves us.

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