Sunday, May 30, 2010

PW Chicken Pot Pie

This was a pretty simple recipe...I don't make these very often at all... but it just sounded so good when I was flipping through the cookbook. We will be Barbecuing tomorrow so I made this for Sunday Supper today.

The "Perfect Pie Crust" is divine and as easy as any crust to make. Ree gives detailed instructions so anyone can make a good pie crust. No really. It's on her blog HERE. Try it. You may think you can't...but you can. Yes you can. Because I said so. *Don't make me get my flying monkeys!!!

What I changed in the pot pie recipe was the heavy cream used in the diced veggies and chicken mixture, I used half and half. Don't hate me Ree...I needed to save up some calories for dessert and I forgot to go work some cattle. I also used fresh thyme instead of the dried because I had some on hand.

This...was yummy for my tummy.

This recipe could easily be converted into a vegetarian dish with other veggies added... like zucchini and mushrooms and using veggie broth instead of chicken broth and would be very yummy still. Or lower fat...use canned Fat Free or Low Fat milk. Don't tell Ree.

Hmmm, now I want peach pie. I do have the other half of the crust so I think peach pie is in our very near tomorrow. Yup.  
Note to self:  Tomorrow -go to store and buy vanilla ice cream to scoop onto peach pie and eat feverishly. Maybe you should also buy some peaches...and pantyhose.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you! Yesterday we were at Whole Foods and they were grilling samples and they grilled peach halves! They put them face down right on the grill! We could just eat those with ice cream! They were heavenly!!! I think this summer I will grill everything.

I love you like you were my own family...and some of you are.

Oh, and...I mailed you the jacket you forgot on your last visit. I cut the buttons off to save postage, you'll find them in the left hand pocket.


*a dear friend's favorite saying.

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