Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day! I Just Wondered...

Are you home? Barbecuing? In your own backyard? Are you going to a friend's house? A relative's? What are you bringing? Are you going to the beach? A park? The lake? George Clooney's house? What are you making? Potato or noodle salad? Steak? Chicken? Ribs? Hamburgers? Hot dogs? Ketchup? Mustard? Mayo? Relish? Sweet pickles? Dill pickles? Deviled eggs? Eggplant? Ambrosia? Apple pie? Crème brûlée? Chocolate cake? Salsa? Chips? Guacamole? Koolaid? Cheesy potatoes? Watermelon? Seed spitting contests? Ice chests? Do you play games? Do you swim? Run through the sprinklers? Slip and Slide? Water Weenie? Did you bring your sunscreen? Little Swimmers? Umbrella hat? Did you leave Aunt Edna in the car? Hawaiian shirt? Bermuda shorts? Birkenstocks with socks? Are you golfing? Tennis? Fishing? Hunting? Shopping? Arm Chair Surfing? Sleeping? Where's the dog? Do you have your double chair with cup holders? Paper plates? Plastic forks, spoons and way more plastic knives than you'll ever need? Big red plastic cups with a sharpie to write everyone's name on so they won't lose it or accidentally drink after Uncle Phlegm?? Sharp knife? Serving spoons? Special food tents you bought on QVC? Parsley? Sage? Rosemary? and Thyme? Music? Usher? Bruce Springsteen? Cher? Peggy Lee? John Cougar Melencamp? Bobby Sherman? Diana Ross? Broadway tunes? Yoko Ono? The special candle that repels all the bugs except for one? Tea lights? Paper lanterns? Work lights? Waterproof mascara?

Well then...have a great day!!!

...and please go get Aunt Edna out of the car before she eats all of the baked know what it does to her system. I can't afford another visit from Roto-Rooter.


  1. Breakfast at the new and improved Buzz
    Quick trip to Lowes
    Pitted cherries by hand (We don't need no stinkin' cherry pitter!)
    Baked a cherry pie (Marie Callendar Pie Crust)
    Watched the Pawn Stars Marathon
    Updated my blog
    Moment of Remembrance at 3pm
    Leftover TSJ for dinner


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