Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love Story? Part 10

Part 9

 Part Ten-

After the ceremony, my little friend who just happens to be around 5'11" and model gorgeous, woke from fainting and we got her some food right away because the silly thing hadn't eaten anything all day. She said she also had stage fright. Who knew?

We did pictures with everyone and their cousin and greeted everyone as the newest married couple in the room.

Madley's mother had made it so beautiful and perfect with the help of family and friends.

She hired a little singing husband and wife band...just the two of other band members... but just the man showed up with all the equipment. I have no idea where his other half was but he still did a great job...all by himself. They were called "Jack and Christie"...but for our reception they were just called "Jack".  When the band sang the Peggy Lee song "I'm a Woman" W. O. M. A. N. just sounded wrong. But otherwise...they were great. Well. He was. I'll never forgive you for making Jack come alone Christie. Never.

The smorgasbord laid out before us was a feast to behold indeed. So most people ate. We were too busy mingling. 

The first dance. Madley and Me alone. Slow and dreamy. Holding each other in slow circles...everyone else disappeared...for a few moments we were alone up in the clouds.

"Tap tap tap...time to dance with your mom, dad, new little daughter, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends...everyone else in the room".  Fine. But I won't like it.

Then someone yelled "MONEY DANCE!" Now we danced with anyone who had money to pin on us. I liked this part...a lot. Who wouldn't dance for money? an innocent sort of way of course.

Then we separated briefly into the bathrooms to count our loot. YAY! We hauled in a good amount of mad money for our honeymoon. I made 3/4 of the total amount...heh heh. $$$ Cha Ching! I had never heard of this tradition. Now, when I need some extra dough and I am somewhere there is any sort of dancing, I yell "Money Dance!" Usually people just stare blankly at me and then call the police.

Little Indy didn't like the money dance part so we paid her off to shut her up.

It was very sweet when the three of us danced together, Madley holding her up off the floor, her skinny little legs dangling high off the floor, in the dance position with her tiny hand in his, her little body pulled against his chest and my arms around them both. Our little family. Very sweet. Sigh...

"Time to open presents!" Now? Okay. We opened the greatest gifts ever and Little Indy helped of course. It was her stuff too! She just kept asking... "What, no toys?" I reminded her I would bring her some from our honeymoon. She was still not happy she couldn't go with us.

People continued to dance...we continued to mingle...until it was time for us to go. Some friends invited us to go dancing at a club near our hotel...we were staying in one that was fairly close so we could...ahem...get some sleep before driving to Carmel the next morning. We decided we would like to go dancing...more dancing. We said our goodbyes, hugged and thanked everyone...and then my old roommate broke down into tears.

We asked her what was wrong and through the sobs and tears she cried... "It should have been me! I should have been the one up there marrying Madley!"

Dear Old Roommate, YEAH RIGHT! We just patted her on the back and said See ya!

Little Indy said a tearful goodbye too, but she knew she would be spoiled beyond recognition by grandparents for the next few days and was doing pretty well when we left her. My heart hurt. My new Mother-in-Law hugged me and said "She'll be fine...go and have fun".

Handsome Rob is one of my favorite people in the whole world. He caught the garter... He came with us to the club...he drove the limousine with all of us in it who went to the club. We stayed in our wedding clothes so we were quite popular at the club. I didn't yell "Money Dance!" but I was tempted. We stayed there and danced wildly to a FULL band that was awesome for about an hour and then we were ready to go to our hotel.

We said our goodbyes at the club to our friends and all the new friends we made but never saw again...ever and Handsome Rob dropped us off at the hotel and drove the limo back.

Madley and I spent a wonderful night together... even the part where we realized we hadn't eaten very much at the reception and ordered room service. Good thing they were open 24 hours.

Night night.

Continued in Part Eleven...The Honeymoon in Carmel by the Sea.

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