Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Shall I Make Next?

My granddaughters and I were looking through the PW cooks last night and we are narrowing down what we want to make next.

I love  lying on my bed snuggling and looking through the book with them. They are reading pretty well their level anyway, so words are jumping out at them. Words like CAKE or MUFFINS...or HORSE...Horse? No we won't eat a horse. Those are just Ree's pets. The cows on the other hand are fair game so go outside and pick one so we can make supper.

Supper. The cookbook has supper in it. Sigh.

When I was growing up supper is what WE called dinner and dinner was lunch. California totally took that away from me. That and how I pronounced creek and roof. I used to say crick and ruf. And I used to say everyBody instead of everyBUDDY. California took the Texas and mid-western out of me. At least I don't say "Gag me with a spoon" anymore ;) No, I'm kidding...I grew up in the SF Bay Area. No valleys around to cause that kind of speech.

I count cooking a a part of our Home School...and cleaning up afterward. I totally plan to turn all of this over to them when they turn 8. I figure there are two of them so I can count them as a binary being of 16.

So today we will narrow down our choices for this week and try to remember to take pictures.


  1. Totally LOL at "a binary being of 16"! I'm a second-generation Californian, and I've allllllways only ever said "everybuddy". That's just proper pronunciation, don'tcha know! :D I also say "ruf" for roof . . . maybe it's more like "ruuf," not so much like "rough". Blows Paul away every time that I don't tend to say "rooooooooooof". Nowadays, I alternate between the two. It's just however it happens to come out at the time!

    Lindy-Lou . . . is there a way to subscribe to yer blog so that I get an e-mail notification? (In Yahoo? I have a Google account, but it's not my primary, and I don't like getting routine e-mails over there.)

  2. Nevah mind . . . I figgered out how to get to Yahoo. Yayyyy!


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