Monday, April 26, 2010

Perfect Pot Roast Coming to a Kitchen Near You

My man Madley has been really into this whole cooking thing of mine since I married him. I know if I feed him I can get just about anything I want. I am not an abuser of that power,  though sometimes I do take the opportunity...when we are watching a cooking show...and he is drooling and asks me to make THAT for him...I say "Sweetie, I will need that pot/pan/spatula/whisk/insert whatever here... she is using or it won't come out like that."...and he says "Let's go! can we get it online?" I love that man o' mine.

I finally bought a Dutch oven. First I tried one from *IKEA. It was cast iron but not coated so I had to season it. I wasn't into seasoning after a few tries, I took it back to IKEA and got this *Rachael Ray cast iron Dutch oven at *Bed, Bath and Beyond.

It is enamel coated inside. No seasoning! I ordered it and when I went to pick it up I brought a coupon for 20% off and when the clerk looked it was listed as $xx instead of $XX so she gave me the $xx price and I used the coupon on my new RR griddle and got some moo-la back. I love to save $$ just call me Mrs. Scrooge :)

This is my new cast iron (coated) griddle which is reversible and smooth on the other side.

I got orange because I love it and it matches my it was Julia Child's color...Rachael Ray's color...and know :) I seem to be a copycat. 

I have to tell you, diamonds aren't my best friend, cookware is. If I could get away with whisk earrings you would see me walkin' down the street with a pair on and me in my apron and sensibly comfortable *Ahnu shoes.

I sit and look at my new pot and griddle when no one else is looking. I stroke them gently and whisper sweet nothings in their ears and then I heat them up and cook something yummy with them. They like that's their job to like it. If I ever get caught you can visit me in the Napa State Hospital in California where I will cook for the residents if someone will bring me my stinkin' cookware...K?

Sometime soon I will make a list of my favorite kitchen tools and cookware...things that make it so I can have a lie down and eat bonbons while dinner fixes itself and you will be so amazed.

So I will make the pot roast this week in this lovely new Dutch oven.

Happy Cooking and BON APPETIT!

*no paid advertising here...just some of my favorite places, shows, shoes and things.


  1. I want your cookware. Will they work on a ceramic stove top?

  2. I know the griddle won't work on a ceramic cook top...not sure about the pot.


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