Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

This is the first Father's Day without my dad. I miss him, but I am glad he is in a place where he isn't suffering or can't remember things.

We got Madley a new BBQ for Father's Day...a gas one. I am making up for making him buy a charcoal grill last year. He hates it. We don't even BBQ much because he makes a face whenever we ask him to start the grill.

Now, my Madley is very easy. If I keep him fed, he will do anything for me. 

So, even knowing he will be fed a lovely BBQd meal, he still hates starting the grill.

It's the smoke and ash that he hates.

Now he can push a button and leave the rest to me.

I'm brilliant.

It's red, his favorite color.

Confession was my daughter, Little Indy who suggested the gas grill.

She's brilliant.

But I paid for it. So I'm still brilliant.

Make someone happy. Buy them a grill.

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