Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gone but Never Forgotten

1972-Dad is on the right side end of the picture of the remaining siblings at that time
...he was the baby of 10.

My dad went into hospice about a month ago on Monday August 6th.
He was surrounded by angels when he arrived. It was like watching the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her band of friends were being prepped to see the wizard himself.

The hospice house was homey. He had a lovely room painted warm colors with decorations just like we would have at home. They covered him up with a quilt.

He spent his last days in comfort. They did everything they could to see to his every need.

We visited him everyday and the girls played on his bed with their stuffed animals. He giggled with them.

He would ask how long he had been there and basically didn't know what was going on.

Each day it was getting harder and harder to wake him up. 

2 days before he passed, he only woke up for a few minutes at a time. We felt bad waking him, but wanted to have our last moments with him.

On Monday the 13th of August, one week after arriving at the hospice house, Angel and the girls went to see him. He barely woke up at all. But he did see them and spoke a few words with them.

Brad and I went about 3 hours later, he wouldn't rouse for us. He was fitful and hot. Funny...he was always cold and wanted the blankets pulled up to his ears...not this day. He wanted them off. I noticed his breathing was labored. The CNA who was in the room with us didn't think so, but I knew he was different. She was just not familiar enough with the situation. Everyone is unique in how they die. I knew it would be sooner than later.

At 4:20am on Tuesday morning, August 14th the RN called me. When my cell phone rang, Madley said,..."uh oh"...I answered and she softly said, "Lindy, your dad just passed a few minutes ago. We had just checked on him a couple hours before when he had called out. He went back to sleep and when we came back in, he was taking his last breaths...we had no time to call you, so we sat on each side of him while he passed." She also said it was very peaceful. I thanked her and that...was that. .

May 7, 1929-August 14, 2012 RIP Dad.


  1. RIP Dad. Glad he had loving people with him

  2. Totally brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful father he was to you and you were an amazing daughter for him. Love you!

  3. Lindy, I'm sorry to hear that your dad passed away:( I've been thinking about you since I read your last post. I am glad that you could spend time with your dad in his final years. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  4. Thank you Marci :0) We sure need to get together!!!


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