Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Reflections

Caracal Kitten at our local zoo.

Deep thoughts haunt me this time of year. It is my favorite time...I wish it could always be Fall. 

I won't share my deep thoughts today. You will thank me.

The little guy in the photo above hasn't a care in the world. Play, eat, sleep. Wouldn't it be great to have at least one day to be like a child again?

Yesterday Madley and I planted some bamboo in our back yard. Whenever I'm at our local zoo, I look around to see what I like that's growing there and find out what it's called. They have little signs around naming different plants. If it grows there, it will grow in our yard! So we also planted another Japanese maple tree.

I have plans.

We've hacked through the bush cutting out azaleas that are ancient and seen better days. Nasty little buggers. They don't want to die.

I have a corner in the front yard that is the bane of my existence. I cut down most of the "plants' and will dig them out and we plan to put a bench and a tree there...
...but we work very slowly. So this will take time. Slowly but surely, we are getting things done.

Only 4,091 projects to go.

Good kitty in an enclosure at the zoo.

We have cats. Not our cats. We don't own any kitties. We chase them off. They poop in unsuspecting places that our Crocks find. Bad kitties. I'm planning on putting up a white picket fence, 8 feet tall with barbed wire atop it. Maybe an electric fence. Or a solid wall with cameras. My neighbors will be so jealous.

If these kitties roamed the neighborhood, we'd be eaten by now.

Today is Sunday. We are resting from our labors. Pretending to be kitties or children with no worries. Nothing to do but sleep, eat and poop.

Don't worry, we are house broken.

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