Friday, September 23, 2011



This is my friend Tom. He called me to do some simple shots for him.
It doesn't get much simpler than this! 

Madley is remodeling our garage. Which means all the stuff that was in the garage is all over my patio and inside my house.

So Tom had to pose for me situated between our lovely garden and garage stuff.

Now don't misunderstand. Madley is working very hard and as fast as he can to finish our garage. So he can work on making his workbench. So he can build the new bathroom sink/cabinet for Little Indy. So he can remodel my kitchen. I expect all of this to be finished when his mother comes to visit late November. I'm not too demanding.

Tom is a good sport. He understands man stuff. See. He is a man. He likes all the stuff all over. It's like paradise to men. 400 bottles and cans of man stuff. 
WD40 type stuff.

Me...not so much. I am being patient. Really. My eye only twitches once in a while. Really. I'm o.k.

Toms wife passed away unexpectedly last year. She was an awesome lady and I miss her terribly. But Tom's doing great. He's lost some weight. He needed new photos to prove to the world he's gotten himself in shape.

He's now ready to brave the waters of socializing, networking, Facebook... 

or whatever.

Go get em Tom!

I think he needs a new football...if he wants the other boys
to play football with him.
I could be wrong, I am a girl. But someone needs to buy Tom a new football.

I hope these photos work for you Tom!


Let me know you were here!

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