Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harry Potter the Exhibit

 Photos courtesy of HP the Exhibition & Various Google sites :)
No photography was allowed in the exhibit so I was quite the sad little puppy.

We almost didn't go but we really wanted to see the Harry Potter Movie Exhibit in Seattle so we braved the cold and snow. Yes snow.

We drove to Seattle because the ferries were full and the buses weren't running...we found great parking and went inside the Pacific Science Center to see the HP exhibition...which was phenomenal! Almost all of the props and costumes and wands were there to look at...

 We sat in Hagrid's big chair...they had his hut set up. 

 We also got to pull up mandrakes that squealed.

 We threw quaffles through hoops.

Buckbeak was there!


The dormitory was set up...

The Marauder's Map! Harry's glasses and wand...etc.

The Ford Anglia...the flying car...


...and Edward! I mean...Cedric Diggory!


  1. Very, very cool. I'm jealous!

  2. Is this a travelling exhibit? I know some muggles who might enjoy it.

  3. Seattle was it's last stop before heading to London :( Sorry you didn't get to see it ladies! It was awesome!


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