Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Okay Wednesday

It's okay... leave a small store without getting what you went in for because a man is talking very, very loudly on his cell phone to the point of almost giving you a headache... apparently he needed to talk to a business associate right then while walking all over the store like it's his office... and you don't really want to know everything about he says "you know" every other word, you know. A lot of people were congregated "you know" up front near the "you know" register scared to "you know" move for fear "you know" he would "you know" run into them with his "you know" flailing arms and "you know"metal basket he was "you know" holding and "you know" waving about...don'tcha know. be annoyed with someone who you just met because she doesn't like that you said "Oh, do you live in one of the cute little houses a couple streets over?" and she says..."No, I don't live in a little house." ...and proceeds to turn her back on you and you now have the plague so she ignores you completely. Sorry...but I think they're adorable little houses. think your granddaughters' swimming teacher is an adorable, together, friendly, happy, responsible, cute... 21 year old guy that you wish you could get to wait about 14-15 years and marry one of your granddaughters... enjoy running errands all. by. yourself. and then take the long way home. wish people at church who have colds and flu would stay home and stop spreading their stinkin' germs.  be sad that the praying mantis your granddaughter caught was accidentally stepped on and you had to put it out of its misery. save a little frog from being squashed by the door. swerve a little to avoid a tiny snake in the road. have a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry song stuck in your head even if you are old enough to be their... I'm down with the new music. love Kurt on Glee and laugh at everything that comes out of his mouth. I would have totally been his best friend in school. think that maybe it's possible there are aliens from other worlds and they visit our planet. I mean...if there's no other life out there...seems like an awful waste of that movie. wish you a very happy day.

You know?

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