Sunday, June 13, 2010

PW Pulled Pork

Oh the wonderful smells this pork dish created throughout my home today... It was maddening to have to smell it for hours and not be able to eat it yet. But eventually we did eat it and Madly, one of the twins and I loved it...a lot...but Little Indy and the other twin, not so much. In fact...not at all. But that's okay...they rarely like pork anyway.

It was sweet, yet a bit tangy...and a perfect blend of spices. It was very tender. I think I will try to use basically the same mixture, marinate it, then throw it in the smoker next time. Just to see how it works as a marinade.

This time I used my dutch oven, as called for in the recipe. I imagine you could also cook it in a crock pot since it is a liquid base.

I would say this is an easy recipe. I put it together fairly quickly when I got home from church at noon thirty and popped in in the oven and it was ready 4 1/2 hours later... I did use a smaller pork it cooked in less time than the larger one called for in the book.

I was going to make homemade flour tortillas to go along with it and when I went to my cupboard...I realized I had forgotten to buy more flour...a sad day. So I am running to the store in the morning to buy flour. I have my heart set on flour tortillas.

Fresh asparagus we purchased at the farmer's market yesterday...tossed in olive oil, salt and ground pepper ready to put under the broiler...can you say delectable?

I also barbecued peach halves...uh...I'm in love. They were so good!

This pulled pork was a winning recipe in my book!


  1. I hate it when I run out of flour. I've actually been looking for a pulled pork recipe. Is it a family secret recipe?

    p.s. I've given you an award. Come and get it:

  2. M- It's a Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook recipe. Since I am cooking my way through the cookbook, I put PW in the recipe title when it comes from her cookbook and I don't give out the recipes so she won't get mad at me :)

    An award?!? I'll go check it out!!! Thank you!


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