Thursday, June 10, 2010

PW Cookbook Giveaway- The Easy Version

 I still want to give away a Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. I'll make it easier and come back to a quiz some other time. Sound good?

As I learn to blog, I learn some lessons along the way. I like to learn! I like to blog! I like to give things away!

To enter- just answer this question-

What is your favorite kind of food? 


*No anonymous commenters will be entered.
*You don't have to follow to enter.

*One entry per person. If you comment more than once you will be disqualified.

*No entries after 9pm Pacific Standard Time today when this giveaway ends.

*A random comment will be picked to win the cookbook!

* Winner to be announced by Friday 6:00pm.

Good Luck!


  1. ANYthing chocolate...dark chocolate, that is!

  2. Mexican Food...wait no Chinese Food!!! I don't is a toss up between the two!

  3. Citrus fruit like pineapple and oranges. But...they have to be cold and fresh. Not canned!

  4. the only real food....dark chocolate. ohhh yea!

  5. Greek and Italian food....yummy

  6. Anything fattening! Chocolate, Pasta, Meat, the list goes on and on:)

  7. Chocolate truffle blizzard from Dairy Queen. Yummy!!!

  8. I love food and it's hard to choose one favorite but I guess it'd have to be Korean since I can't get it here.

  9. I can't turn down Mexican food and haven't so far! My other weakness is homemade bread.

  10. I love Italian food.
    I also love dessert especially when chocolate is involved.

    msgb245 art gmail dot com

  11. Times up! All your names are in and I will have the winner chosen and announced in the morning :) more entries after this post.

    Thanks to all who entered and good luck!


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