Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

A Picture of Our Gate with a "Tea Can Painting" Photoshop Application by Yours Truly.

Once upon a time we lived in Arizona on 7 acres. Madley built this great fence around the front and side of our property. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

We were out in the middle of nowhere and it was quiet and kind of pretty. We named our little place Back O' the Moon Ranch.

We were 13 miles from our tiny town. 35 miles from the bigger tiny town. 3 hours from Phoenix.

We found after a year of living in the middle of nowhere with almost constant wind...we were not cut out for this kind of living. Madley's back was getting worse and some of the things he had to do around the property were getting too hard on him.

So we made the decision to sell and move after only one year. It was a very hard decision in some ways... but an easy one in other ways.

Factors in our decision were:

It was ours.
It was quiet.
It was peaceful.
It was beautiful in it's own way.
We could have horses.
Gorgeous rainbows during the Spring.
Nice people at church and around town.

Almost constant wind. Not just a breeze...wind that could knock you over.
Too far from a big city.
My health- I was in a lot of pain and hadn't been diagnosed with RA yet.
Madley's back was getting worse.
I couldn't have handled taking care of horses with my health.
Dust storms.
People moved into the next property over from ours and raised Great Danes. They had 30 dogs. They were kept in pens outside and barked incessantly...night and day.
It ceased being quiet and peaceful.
The Sheriff said they couldn't do anything about it.
We were no longer in the middle of nowhere.
We weren't happy at all living there.

We put it on the market and sold it in one month.

When I see this picture it makes me kind of sad. But then I write down or think of how hard it was living there and I know we made the right decision.

I have no regrets.


  1. I'm so glad it sold quickly. I feel your pain about moving for health. We have considered moving to Arizona for my husband's arthritis. You've got a really cute blog!

  2. Thank you! My RA was worse in AZ...just so you know. It may have just been coincidence.


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