Thursday, February 4, 2010

PW's Lasagna


Well I did it! I went shopping yesterday for the ingredients at 3pm, came home and started preparing the lasagna and we ate by 5:45pm. Not bad! 

This recipe was : Easy
Yum Factor: 10

Madley LOVED it. I LOVED it. It was by far the best lasagna I've ever made or eaten for that matter. The fresh basil made the dish. It is a perfect combination of flavors. Though it is not authentic is authentic American home kitchen. If you make this lasagna for your family...make an extra pan to give to someone a neighbor or a friend. Take it to a church social. You will be hailed as the cook of the county! It was that good.

From the first bite I knew I had made the right choice in the first recipe. Thank you Pioneer Woman for putting this one in the book. It will be a favorite in our home for many moons to come.

I cut leftover individual pieces and put them in freezer storage containers and placed them in the freezer for future meals or quick lunches...and still have some left over for dinner tonight...YUM!

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  1. I am going to have to buy the cookbook and try out some of these recipes. I feel like I make the same ten dinners in rotation. Bring on the PW lasagna!


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